Spun Silk Web Design specializing in classically designed, soft and inviting content.

Why Should You Choose Spun Silk Web Design?

Spun Silk Web Design specializing in classically designed, soft and inviting content.

The Internet in general and the World Wide Web in particular has often been referred to as a brave new frontier, and as such it presents almost limitless opportunities for exploration, and exploitation.

HTML is the programming language for writing web pages, and it not only seems easy to use, it is easy to use. Therefore almost everyone thinks they can write web pages, and everyone knows someone who can do so. However, most of these people are amateurs, and chances are good that you will end up with either a very amatuerish page, or a page with too many bells and whistles...and believe it or not those impressive looking bells and whistles can kill a business site. Why? Well, because when trying to sell on the internet you are truly better off with a business webpage with lots of written content presented as simply as possible. The fancier it becomes, the more likely it is that something will break, or it will take too long to load, be too confusing for less savvy visitors, and absolutely more difficult for search engines to index...and therefore harder for your pages to compete with similar ones. And there will be thousands upon thousands of similar pages, because the majority of designers out there are simply going to take a bell and whistle laden template and customize it with your name and address, and a few other details. It will look impressive, and you will probably be very impressed, but not so much so by the amount of business you will do. Think of it as running errands. If you are shopping or looking for a service provider, you don't want to waste your time on bells and whistles you want to get in and out as quickly as possible. If your goal was to be entertained, you probably would be visiting an entirely different kind of website...and so will your visitors.

So, when it is time to put your business on the web, you can do it yourself and be frustrated half to death, or you can go with a amateur, or a professional "bells and whistles" template customizer, or you can try Spun Silk Web Design, a full service web design firm founded on the principle that a well designed, properly promoted custom web site serves as the perfect "read more about it" complement to more traditional advertising campaigns. With experience as a model, television show host, trained performance storyteller, script writer, published author, and multi-media award winning salesperson; I bring a lot of audience pleasing experience to my customized designs. Plus I offer over 15 years of telecommunications experience, post graduate work in professional writing and research, hands-on experience in web site development, design, advertising, public relations, promotions, and certified human resource experience.

Spun Silk Web Design offers a variety of professional writing and computer related design services, yet specializes in providing business, personal and civic clientele with easily affordable, attractive, and fast-loading Internet sites that stand out from the crowd. Spun Silk offers their clients the expertise and the equipment to include the latest innovations in their custom designed sites, and maintains an in-house library of thousands of design elements, including many custom creations unavailable from any other source. In addition, Spun Silk offers the convenience of design and proofing sessions at the customer's location, and a variety of design packages to suit various budgets. Furthermore, Spun Silk's services don't end with the finished design, they also provide that all important extra -- expert promotional material, and professional writing and public relations services to ensure that your fabulous new site receives all the attention it deserves both on-line and in the more traditional media.

Finally -- and perhaps most importantly -- hiring Spun Silk Web Design gives you all the advantages of adding a Professional Writer, Trained Researcher, Award Winning Salesperson and Webmaster to your staff...without adding the expense of a single new employee. So do yourself a favor, and call today to set up your custom design session.

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